February 2016
24th February 2016

Polish Radio 1/Polskie Radio Program I:
We believe soon she will come back to her normal concert life.’

Yuko on Polskie Radio Program 1 - Chopin's birthday-week-programme by Adam Rozlach
[part 1 - “Tak to bywało" 22nd February 2016]
(01:00-01:20) introduction
(36:21-49:40) Chopin: Impromptu in F-sharp major Op.36, Impromptu in C-sharp minor WN46 (It used to be called as Fantaisie-Impromptu Op.66 by Julian Fontana)
Yuko Kawai, piano
live recording from her recital at Hamarikyu Asahi Hall, Tokyo

Adam Rozlach: "(…) Wierzymy, że nie długo artystka ta wróci do normalnego życia koncertowego. (…) / (…)We believe that soon she will come back to her normal concert life. (…)"

[part 2 - Tak to bywało" 23rd February 2016]
(00:45-01:00) introduction
(36:10-48:48) Chopin: Impromptu in A-flat major Op.29, Impromptu in G-flat major Op.51
Yuko Kawai, piano

*Chopin composed 4 Impromptus. Impromptu in G-flat major Op.51 is chronologically the latest (Impromptu in C-sharp minor is the earliest), and the most 'mature', ripest and deepest one. Chopin - smiling BUT hiding his tears in the music.

*You might not be able to listen with your tablet (e.g. iPad) or smartphone, but with Mac/Windows PC should be OK.

*Yuko on Adam Rozlach's programme on Polish Radio:
4th February 2000 - Polish Radio BIS (interview)
27th April 2008,10:05-10:59 - Polish Radio 1 "Chopin Concert"
22nd February 2016 - Polish Radio 1 "Tak to bywało"
23rd February 2016 - Polish Radio 1 "Tak to bywało"

January 2016
31st January 2016

[Message from Yuko - about her leg rehabilitation]

Dear all

My long, very long leg rehabilitation has been continuing. The training is painful and really tough but I'm making progress. Hope the condition will get better and better.

I have had to cancel all my engagements since 2014. My last concert in 2013 was Mozart KV488 with Maestro Eraldo Salmieri and Koszalin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. The last two years(2014-2015) was the hardest time of my life, especially 2015.

I've been training hard. I didn't expect that I need such a long time. I had to understand that having good motor coordination/natural athletic ability bears (almost) no relation to the speedy recovery. In order to make a complete recovery, the most important thing is - to keep hope for the future alive.

Special thanks: ekosfera24.pl, Benriner.pl
After preparing the salad Yuko used her Oxo salad spinner as a salad bowl.

Many people have been helping me. On Saturday I made a green salad (with my homemade 'egg-free, oil-free' mayonnaise and homemade lime vinaigrette) and had a wonderful time. Thank you very much to those who have encouraged and supported me. I will never forget your kindness.


September 2014
11th September 2014

Dear my friends in Japan

(…) 今でも思い出すたび、私はこみあげる涙を抑えることができません。先生は私という生徒の成長と潜在能力を、そして私という生徒の人格を信頼しきっていました。成功を微塵も疑わない、絶対の、本当に絶対の信頼があり、その前提の上で、まさに尋常でない、信じ難いような情熱がレッスンで注がれました。


[レッスン後] アパートに帰り着き、鞄を置いてほっとして、私はソファに沈みこむと途端にこらえきれずに一気に泣き出しました。毎週毎週そうでした。とにかく泣かずにはいられませんでした。あまりにも有難すぎたからです。

97-year-old prof.Jan Ekier and Yuko, after her performance - Chopin Piano Concerto in E minor Op.11
30th April 2011, Warsaw National Philharmonic Hall
photograph: Mirosław Tessar

July 2013
31st July 2013
Message from Yuko to Mr Tim Holman:

Dear Tim
Thank you very much Tim, that's a good point. This piece isn't a Nocturne. Chopin never wrote this piece's title as 'Nocturne'. (Chopin's Nocturnes with 'his own intention' are: Op.9, 15, 27, 32, 37, 48, 55 and 62 as his lifetime works, and 2 Nocturnes - E minor WN23 and C minor WN62 as his posthumous works - so we have 20 Chopin Nocturnes. ) We say this beautiful piece 'Lento con gran espressione WN37'. The piece has two versions. On 5th July I chose the later one (from his later autograph). I played this Lento around AM6.10, as the last piece I played 0510-0625. I hope you'll listen to Etude in A-flat major Op.25 No.1 and some Mazurkas too. I'll ask Jim & Matt. And Tim, please take a look, this is the whole list I played with very talented birds:

Yuko Kawai & birds at Piotrowice Nyskie
Recording date: 5th July 2013, AM 5.00 - 6.30 Piotrowice Nyskie
Mazurka in C major Op.24 No.2 (fragment)
Mazurka in F major WN25 (fragment)
Mazurka in A minor Op.7 No.2 (fragment)
Ballade No.2 in F major Op.38 (fragment)
Symphony No.6 in F major Op.68 (beginning)
Mazurka in F major WN25 (fragment)
Polonaise in B-flat major WN1
Ballade No.2 in F major Op.38 (fragment)
Ballade No.3 in A-flat major Op.47 (fragment)
Piano Concerto in E minor Op.11 (fragment)
Impromptu No.1 in A-flat major Op.29 (fragment)
Mazurka in D-flat major Op.30 No.3 (fragment)
Mazurka in C major Op.33 No.2 (fragment)
Etude in F major Op.10 No.8 (fragment)
Mazurka in C major Op.6 No.5 (fragment)
Mazurka in B-flat major No.7 No.1
Mazurka in A minor Op.7 No.2
Mazurka in A minor Op.7 No.2
Nocturne No.4 in F major Op.15 No.1 (fragment)
Mazurka in C major Op.56 No.2 (fragment)
Ballade No.1 in G minor Op.23 (fragment)
Sonata in G major KV283(189h) - the 1st movement & the 2nd movement
Mazurka in F major WN25
Symphony No.6 in F major (beginning)
Etude in E-flat major Op.10 No.11 (fragment)
Etude in A-flat major Op.25 No.1
Etude in F minor Op.25 No.2
Ballade No.2 in F major Op.38 (fragment)
Mazurka in F major WN25 (fragment)
Mazurka in B-flat major Op.7 No.1
Mazurka in C major Op.24 No.2 (fragment)
Mazurka in D-flat major Op.30 No.3 (fragment)
Mazurka in C-sharp minor Op.41 No.4 (fragment)
Polonaise in A major Op.40 No.1 (fragment)
Mazurka in C minor Op.30 No.1
Lento con gran espressione in C-sharp minor WN37 (people used to say 'Nocturne in C-sharp minor Op.Posth')

Thank you again, and see you at my concert some day.

Best wishes

9th July 2013
Nowiny Nyskie weekly, Nr28, 9-15 July 2013
Piotrowice Nyskie Music Festival report
PDF file here

June 2013

1st June 2013
Chopin Magazine staff writer’s official blog: ‘Yuko’s new web column - CHOPINISSIMO - from Poland: Chopin, National Edition, Poland, Music, her life etc…’

May 2013

30th May 2013
Chopin Magazine Website launches ‘Yuko Kawai CHOPINISSIMO’ - a new web column

March 2013

19th March 2013
Charity concert for Sendai Shirayuri(=white lily) Gakuen High School girls
at Chopin Museum Concert Hall in Warsaw, Poland

[video] Yuko plays historical instrument Erard 1855 (NIFC):

J.S.Bach Prelude in C major,
Fryderyk Chopin: Piano Concerto in E minor Op.11, piano solo version (National Edition)
The first movement - Allegro maestoso (1)

The first movement - Allegro maestoso (2)
The second movement - Romance, Larghetto
The third movement - Rondo, Vivace

[Embassy of Japan in Poland official website - concert report]

[article] Yuko’s article about National Edition Chopin Piano Concertos for Frans Bruggen Project 2013 (written in japanese)
6957920_e3ac656e0d_m poster Bruggen Project at Sumida Triphony Hall in Tokyo


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