vol.4b - The most 'shocking' difference in Chopin's editions


Yuko visited National Library in Warsaw and saw/checked Chopin's pupil Adolf Gutmann's copy of Sonata in B-flat minor Op.35 - on 18th March 2005. This was the day after her performance of the B-flat minor Sonata at Warsaw National Philharmonic Hall, 17th March 2005.

Special thanks:
Mariola Małgorzata Nałęcz (the head of music collections section of National Library of Poland)

CLASSICA JAPAN TV 'Yuko Kawai talks about Chopin National Edition'
- Vol.4b "The most 'shocking' difference in Chopin's editions - Let's see the sources" (Excerpt)

Gutmann didn't write a repeat/repetition sign (just double barline) but First German Edition put it receiving/using Gutmann's copy. Why? Yuko checked it at National Library in Warsaw. Gutmann's copy - on the second page of the first movement - the theme is 'thicker' with the accord, there are more notes. One of the right hand's notes from the second page - the ink has run to the reverse side, to the first page - near the 5th bar. But one dot, not two. Then First German Edition put a repeat/repetition sign and published. Pianists all over the world started to play wrong(ly). What a history...

played/showed Chopin Sonata in B-flat minor Op.35, the 1st movement (fragment)

And from Yuko's CD: Chopinissimo I (Imagine)

Yuko expresses her greatest and deepest respect for the work by prof.Jan Ekier and prof.Paweł Kamiński.


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