vol.5a - Piano fingering

Vol.5a - "piano fingering" (Excerpt)

Yuko on TV: CLASSICA JAPAN 'Yuko Kawai talks about Chopin National Edition'

'As many different sounds as there are fingers - everything is a matter of knowing good fingering. (…) Just as we need to use the conformation of the fingers, we need no less to use the rest of the hand, the wrist, the forearm and the upper arm. One cannot try to play everything from the wrist, as Kalkbrenner claims.'
- Chopin, PM (Chopin's Project de méthode)

'He (Chopin) used a simple, natural position of the hands as conditioned by scale and chord-playing, adopting the easiest fingering, although it might be against the rules, that came to him.'
- Hipkins

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