vol.10a - The graphic aspects of Chopin's autographs

CLASSICA JAPAN 'Yuko Kawai talks about Chopin National Edition'

Vol.10a - "The visual/graphic aspects of Chopin's autographs"

Impromptu No.1 in A-flat major Op.29 (fragment)

(1:15-) Chopin's autograph

(1:56-) First French Edition

(2:09-) First English Edition

(2:23-) First German Edition

left: Chopin's autograph
right: First German Edition

(3:13-) First German Edition

(3:34-) Chopin's autograph

(3:44-) First German Edition

(4:16-) National Edition

(4:43-) Paderewski Edition


Yuko expresses her greatest and deepest respect for the work by prof.Jan Ekier and prof.Paweł Kamiński.

This TV programme won prestigious JSBA (Japan Satellite Broadcasting Association) Original Programming Awards.

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